Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just passing through

So, it has been a long time... and I have purposefully let this blog sit and marinate for a while. I was watching a episode and their guest gave a link to his site that has a free download for Bridge settings. Even though I didn't care for his tutorial on the show much, I really like the settings he has created in Bridge. If you haven't checked out the new CS4 Bridge... I recommend it. Love the brush feature, among others, in the new Bridge.

Here are some shots in the basement with just window light and a reflector on the opposite side of the subject --with a couple of the settings this guy has created.

Pick of the day...
this was shot by Kenneth Linge (who, by the way, teaches photography). He is Norwegian, I believe, but has his studio in Orem, Utah. I really liked the use of tungsten lights in this shot.