Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rim Light Portrait

In the dining room with the 70-200mm with bounced light.

The setup is this... grabbed my D600 with 70-200mm lens. Zoomed all the way to 200mm to capture the detail in the eye.

Had to take about 7 shots due to subject eating while I was taking this -hence the Nutella on his face

The light was from sunrise coming directly in the window and bouncing off of a glass frame on the wall.  The light in the eye doesn't bother this guy while eating... when he's hungry, not much gets in his way.

 Process: check the ISO ... 400 ... ok
take self timer off from last nights shots of the temple
put it in A priority and change fstop to 3.5 - don't want any more focus than I need
change focus to zones instead of auto because Auto puts focus on closest item (and I don't want that ear in focus necessarily)
put focus square over subjects eye
click away
chimp and it was a little too light so I set my EV to -1.0 --- I do this because my meter is metering for shadows, making the highlights blown out.
A couple more shots
take to Lightroom. In Lightroom - decrease exposure by 0.5 and hit it with Matt's Edgy Look (hard edge) - as found here

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