Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DIY Links

So I am running a little low on free time at work today, and I wanted to keep this a morning post... Here's my best shot.

Here are some links that I have found helpful... on making your own equipment... because heaven knows, this stuff really starts to add up.

Homemade Bounce Toys

Studio Lighting Equipment -DIY

photo of homemade flash toys

Don't do this at home

And a not home-made one. This is one of those tools everyone should have. It doubles as a reflector and a diffuser. I use this to bounce my flash, bounce the sunlight, and to diffuse my flash or the sunlight. It has a silver reflector, a gold one, a silver/gold mix, and it folds up. A must have for portraits.

Pick of the Day:
I really like this perspective... the rich colors, and the lighting nailed it. I like the complimentary highlights on the tractor and the barn in the background. I also enjoy the lines in this image.

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